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Generate Legitimate 5 Star Reviews

The standard options to promote reviews will usually get you more negative Google reviews than positive ones as people generally only ever make the effort to leave a review to vent their anger whenever they have had a bad experience.


ReviewBuilder goes further promoting positive reviews in a timely manner.

What is ReviewBuilder

ReviewMaster’s Builder works to generate 5-star Google Reviews

If you’re struggling to get the top spot in online searches due to your online reputation, if you’re suffering from a lack of regular, positive, 5-star reviews then you need ReviewBuilder.

We are currently working on universal compatibility for ReviewBuilder but currently, it only works for the Taxi industry, specifically with Cab 9, Autocab, iCabbi & ETGL Dispatch providers.

However, ReviewResponder works universally for all Taxi businesses.

Both have a dramatic effect on improving your SEO and customer service by building trust and increasing engagement, working 24/7 365 days a year to manage your Reviews. It never has sick days and doesn’t need holidays!

Why ReviewBuilder

Reputation is everything in the taxi industry, and your online reputation is a huge part of getting and keeping your top spot in Google searches (SEO*).

Our revolutionary review building software, will get you positive reviews that will increase your ranking and ultimately generate more business for your taxi firm, at every base you run, you don’t need to lift a finger.

  • 100% Genuine 5 Star Reviews
  • Increased Repeat Bookings
  • Increased Driver Recruitment
  • Increased Account Work
  • Increased Bookings from Searches
  • Multi-Site Rating Boost
  • Remote Office Rating Boost
  • Increased SEO “Taxi Near Me”
  • Local Area Dominance
  • 24/7 Management