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Fake Reviews Will Cost you More Than You Think!

Paying for fake reviews will cost you big, accept no imitations!

If you’ve been thinking about the cost of fake reviews or paying someone to leave reviews on your Taxi firm’s Google or app pages JUST DON’T. Paying for fake reviews is illegal in the UK along with many other countries and comes with at best a hefty fine (up to £300,000), at worst possible Jail time.

Defrauding or attempting to deceive potential customers/passengers with fake reviews, is as serious as any other scam, it will destroy your brand & customer trust.

ReviewMaster however is the real deal, real people, real opinions guaranteed. Positive 5* reviews for your business. 

We’ll never stop or remove 1-star reviews, we’ll never purchase, persuade or in any way generate reviews that are anything other than 100% genuine but we will make sure your Taxi firm is shown to the successful service it is! How then you ask? Well that’s the magic of ReviewMaster.

Importance of
Genuine Reviews

We outlined in a previous article the importance of online reviews in influencing the purchase decisions of today’s online consumers.

In order to protect to protect consumers from misleading business practices the

Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations came into force in 2008, with recent updates in 2016 & 2022 set to tighten up regulation around questionable online practices such as fake reviews.


How to be sure
your firm is compliant?

  • Don’t pretend to be a customer and write reviews about your products or other businesses’ products

  • Don’t commission third parties to write fake reviews – you may be liable for their actions

  • If you are working with a third party – such as a PR, marketing or Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) agency – make sure they also follow these rules

  • Don’t offer inducements – money or gifts – to customers to write positive reviews about your business

ReviewMaster only deals with genuine reviews, from genuine jobs your drivers take, we never incentivise or induce reviews in exchange for money or gifts. 100% compliant. Accept no Substitues!

Let's look at an example of ReviewMaster results!

reviewmaster results

Taxis in X or Taxis near X? Is often what’s typed into google when people are searching for a Taxi.

ReviewMaster’s genuine reviews will ensure you rank in the top 3 recommended for a location, Google is very good at spotting fake reviews for pages and it will actively penalise these accounts making sure they rank lower, which usually sees them respond with more fake reviews, from here its a very costly downward spiral for the business.

I know it might seem like a random list of results when you are making searches, but in fact, it is actually a very clever system that is created by Google to get the ‘best’ businesses for customers at the top of the page, they are very good at detecting businesses trying to break the system and their action is swift and can’t be disputed often leading to full business page suspensions or total lifetime Google account bans.

The image on the left shows an example of ‘Taxis in Sheffield’ and Google automatically displays its favourites!

So how do you boost your company’s SEO & reviews safely?

A major part of this “Local SEO” ranking is generating lots of regular positive reviews from customers legitimately & actively replying to all of your reviews. This level of engagement with customers shows you are a reputable business, responsive to customer needs and this is very favourable  to Google’s ranking algorithms, which is the systems that decide to set you higher on the search results.

This is the main reason why businesses create Google Business Profile pages (formerly Google My Business) to get on the map. Putting a lot of effort into setting up their online profile correctly, 
regularly maintaining, getting & responding to all the reviews they get to appear higher than the competition around their area!

ReviewMaster favicon

So how can ReviewMaster help your businesses’  SEO ?

As we’ve said positive Reviews are super important, however people being people only ever tend to make the effort to leave a review on having a bad experience meaning your review page is full of angry comments, and no matter how much you respond in the right way, your page still looks bad to customers, and to Google.

That’s where ReviewMaster steps in as your business’s new best friend, but in fact it is a one sided friendship with them doing all the work while you sit back and watch your business blossom.

ReviewMaster ‘s magic tech formula gets you genuine positive reviews from customers on your business profiles (Google, App store & Trustpilot currently) and for Google also replies to them with appropriate responses, which shows the customer that you care about their feedback all while showing Google this too! With all reviews being 100% genuine and in no way incentivised with money or gifts ReviewMaster remains compliant with laws and regulations, where fake reviews & imitators fail.

ReviewMaster pulls you up the Rankings to make you the best choice for Recruiting new Drivers, Passengers, Corporate Accounts & more.