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Just how important are online reviews for your taxi firm?

Business growth and importance of reviews

Very few taxi companies tend to rely on reviews as a way to promote and grow their business. In fact, the word ‘rely’ doesn’t do justice to how crucial reviews are to any business looking to grow and marketing themselves online, which, lets be honest is all businesses..

You don’t open the Yellow Pages or Thomson local to find what you need nowadays..
You pickup your phone or ask your voice assistant and you Google it.


91% of Consumers Trust Reviews

BrightLocal’s local consumer survey shows that 91% of consumers
between the age of 18 to 34 are big believers of online reviews, trusting them as much as personal recommendations.

There’s simply not enough time in a day. This is a problem – unresponsive customer support is a hallmark of a failed business practice. Soon, you might find your rankings falling and your job numbers decreasing as people associate bad business practices with your brand.

Your calls & bookings will grow or suffer according to how many online reviews you get, and how many of those reviews shine a positive light on your taxi operations.

Of course, when you begin to deal with customers numbering in the thousands per week, it might not be enough to simply go to each review left and respond.

The only remedy for this kind of scenario is prevention.

All you can do to make sure this never happens is to enlist the services of a Search Engine Optimizer, also known as an SEO booster. One such SEO boosting service we provide to do this is ReviewResponder, available as part of the full ReviewMaster* System or as a standalone product useable by any business that can actively and intelligently manage your reviews to increase your ranking in online searches and thus increase your company’s website traffic. 

*ReviewBuilder the other part of the ReviewMaster system is currently only a service developed for taxi firms using iCabbi , iCabbiUK or Autocab systems, however, we are looking to expand the concept to other industries through continual software development so keep an eye out on our social channels for updates.