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Why are reviews so important to a business?

Reviews: The Most Important Factor In Consumer Trust 

As a business owner most people understand In order for a customer to buy your product or service they must:

1. Know who you are
2. Like what you do
3. Trust in your abilities

With modern marketing techniques and assuming your product or service is good then, the most important deciding factor of these is fast becoming Trust, and nothing speaks more honestly than customer reviews. 

With recent changes to how search engine algorithms work Reviews are becoming one of the biggest factors in deciding if your business should be shown first locally for a given keyword search.

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Dealing With Negative Reviews

Negative Reviews especially when they seem unwarranted or unfair can seem like a personal attack especially when you know it can impact your online visibility so heavily.

There’s a right way to handle negative reviews which we’ll cover in-depth later, and no it’s not deleting them.
The short version really does come down to that old saying the best offence is a good defence.
You need to counter the negatives with a solid defence of positive reviews.

The Power Of Positive Reviews

Positive Reviews matter much more than the negatives.

Negative reviews will happen.

Even the best of companies can’t be all things to all people all the time, errors happen but the best counter to the negative reviews… is more & more positive reviews!

At the end of the day if you handled it right no one will care about, or maybe never even see the handful of negative reviews, when faced with a 5-star rating on thousands of reviews. But there is a problem…

The Problem with Getting Positive Reviews

People are more inclined to leave negative feedback and reviews on an experience.

We’re just wired that way, people will always be more angry or upset when things aren’t right and content to say nothing when things go as expected.

It takes a lot more effort to wow people into leaving a positive review and very little to receive a wave of negative reviews on a bad day.

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So what’s the solution?

Often businesses in the past have relied on deleting bad reviews or paying for fake reviews, both have very negative consequences in the modern day, not just to your reputation with your customers. Everything is noticed online. But also your actual standing with Google is negatively effected, leading to a lower search ranking and could even lead to your business being de-listed, never to appear in searches.

How Does ReviewMaster & Responder help?


ReviewMaster & Responder are different, they work to generate actual 5-star reviews from your customers & respond to all your reviews in a timely manner, with natural, personalised responses.

Reviews are the new word of mouth and managing them correctly will have a massive effect on your business’s recommendations and online traffic!

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