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Every business in 2023 needs to have a good SEO score to be a big competitor, but what actually is SEO and what role does it play in a businesses success?

So what actually is SEO?

 SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation,
which still sounds complicated I know!


But in simple terms, SEO just means increasing your ranking to help your business appear higher (ideally at the top) in search engine results.

Which will in turn show your business as a result
to the customer before your competitors!

Why is it so important?

We live in an ever changing world, people don’t look up the business they need in the Yellow Pages, and word of mouth isn’t as strong as it used to be.

When it comes to someone looking for a product or service they will search the web to find it. 

Then it’s a question of where you rank & how your business appears as to whether they choose your business or not 

Let's use an example!

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You need a taxi while travelling or on a night out somewhere new.

What is the first thing you do?

You will type into Google ‘Taxi near…’ or ‘Taxis in …’

I know it might seem like a random list of results when you are making 2am searches, but in fact it is actually a very clever system that is created by Google to get the ‘best’ businesses for customers at the top of the page.

The image on the left shows an example of ‘Taxis in Sheffield’ and Google automatically displays its favourites!

So how do you boost your company’s SEO & become one of the favourites?

A major part of this “Local SEO” is having lots of regular positive reviews from customers and actively replying to all your reviews. This level of engagement with customers shows you are a reputable business, responsive to customer needs and this is very favourable to Google’s ranking algorithms, which is the systems that decide to set you higher on the search results.

This is the main reason why businesses create Google Business Profile pages (formerly Google My Business) to get on the map. Putting a lot of effort into setting up their online profile correctly, 
regularly maintaining, getting & responding to all the reviews they get to appear higher than the competition around their area!

So how can ReviewMaster help towards your business’s SEO?

As we’ve said positive Reviews are super important, however, people being people only ever tend to make the effort to leave a review on having a bad experience meaning your review page is full of angry comments, and no matter how much you respond in the right way, your page still looks bad to customers, and to Google.

That’s where ReviewMaster steps in as your business’s new best friend, but in fact it is a one sided friendship with them doing all the work while you sit back and watch your business blossom.

ReviewMaster ‘s magic tech formula gets you genuine positive reviews from customers on your business profiles (Google, App store & Trustpilot currently) and for Google also replies to them with appropriate responses, which shows the customer that you care about their feedback all while showing Google this too!

ReviewMaster pulls you up the Rankings to make you the best choice for Recruiting new Drivers, Passengers, Corporate Accounts & more.

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